Glamping in the Texas Hill Country

Have you ever heard of glamping? Glamping is elevated camping that one might describe as a bit glamorous. You get the adventure of the outdoors, but still have all the luxury and comfort you’re used to. It’s for those who want to do something out of their ordinary while still being comfortable.  And judging by the number of glamping resorts that have popped up in the last couple of years, it’s a travel trend that looks like it’s here to stay. Matt and I recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary with a glamping trip to the Texas Hill Country. We were looking for a bit more private experience, so I dove into Airbnb listings and found exactly what we were looking for. It was everything we hoped it would be and more! To say I caught the glamping bug would be an understatement. Here’s what we loved about our anniversary glamping trip. 

Where we stayed

You’ve probably seen many of the glamping resorts that have opened recently, but you might be surprised to learn how many short term rentals there are that offer a glamping experience. We had several to choose from, but we ended up booking this adorable Lotus Belle yurt on a private gated property in Boerne.

Comfy queen size bed, indoor and outdoor dining areas, grill, fire pit, TV, mini fridge & coffee maker giving you everything you would need to have a cozy glamping experience.  And because I know it’s a burning question, there’s a full private bathroom a short walk from the yurt. The hosts live on the property and they have one other rental, a small cabin, but the yurt is perfectly situated to give you total privacy during your stay.

We made some pretty cool friends on the property. Our hosts had “happy chickens living their best lives” and the coolest kitty on the property. And the ranch across the road from us had bison and a cool collection of old cars rusting in their pasture. We really enjoyed some laid back time here with all these fun animals. The owner even gifted us a dozen of their happy chicken’s eggs after I asked if we could buy some for breakfast during our stay. How kind, right??? They were delicious!

But I saved the best for last. This rental came with it’s own hot tub! What anniversary trip would be complete without a hot tub? And we wouldn’t have gotten this dreamy picture. This was my favorite amenity! We loved staying in this Airbnb and would totally rent it again!

What we did in Boerne

First let’s start with how to pronounce Boerne. If you’re not from Texas, I’m almost certain you’re saying it wrong in your head. Boerne, pronounced Burn-ee, is part of a region of the Texas Hill Country that was settled by German immigrants in the 1800s. This is why so many towns in the Hill Country have unique names. We didn’t expect to love Boerne as much as we did, but its beauty and charm had us completely smitten. We found so many great places to eat and fun things to do.

Cave Without a Name, one of 5 caves on the Texas Cave Trail, is located just outside of Boerne. We were invited to tour the cave and I have to say we were really impressed with the size and beauty of this cave. And we’ve seen a lot of Texas caves. CWAN tours are only $20 per adult and $10 per child. And with 2021 being the International Year of Caves and Karsts, it’s a great year to check out this great Texas cave.

Cave Without a Name had fun things to do above the cave as well. Especially if you’re a crystal lover like I am. They have a sluicing area and for a small price, you can buy a bag of rocks and minerals in sand that you can sift through to find all kinds of beautiful rocks and crystals. It truly feels like a treasure hunt. CWAN also offers RV camping and they even have hiking trails that you can hike for no charge at all. You can call or email CWAN to make a tour reservation.

Next Up…WINE

Boerne is right in the Texas Wine Country, so it seemed like a good time for Matt and I to visit our first Texas winery. We chose Saint Tryphon Vineyards because they only make true Texas wine with grapes grown here. Their wines were tasty, their grounds were gorgeous, and their hospitality was outstanding. A tasting at Saint Tryphon is only $20 and reservations can be made online. We loved the Muscat Pet-Nat and the Alina Cinsaut.

Food Spots

Blackboard BBQ was just a few minutes from our Airbnb, so we chose to order takeout from here one night and enjoy it in the yurt. It was delicious! We took the advice of our host and called in our order early so we were sure to get everything we wanted. There’s just something about a place where you have to make sure you’re there before what you want gets crossed off the blackboard menu. They sold out of their entire menu when we were picking our order up. I highly recommend calling your order in early so you don’t miss out on what you want. We loved their brisket and smoked chicken.

While out exploring Boerne, we had a hankering for tacos and since we’re avid fans of The Daytripper and always review  Chet’s episodes before visiting new places, we knew Mary’s Tacos was where we needed to go. And Mary’s did not disappoint. Between you and me, if the taco doesn’t come wrapped in foil I don’t want it. The barbacoa taco was our favorite.


Luckenbach, where “everybody’s somebody”, is only a short drive from Boerne and since it’s been on our Texas bucket list for as long as we can remember we decided we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to check it out. Luckenbach was originally a German settlement until Hondo Crouch bought the tiny city in the 70s and it slowly became what we know it to be today. A Texas music sacred space where you can come as you are and be exactly who you want to be.

We just stopped here for a quick lunch on our way home, but I could have spent hours here people watching and talking with all the interesting characters. Everyone is so friendly and just there to have a good time. If you’ve never been to Luckenbach, you need to plan to visit at least once and experience it for yourself.

Did you like what you saw here? I sure hope so because I’m excited to share that you’re going to be able to read about this glamping trip in one other place. I have signed on to the an ambassador for GLAMP MAGAZINE and I can’t wait to show you more glamping destinations in Texas. You’re not going to believe where we’re going next! You can preorder your issue or subscription and when you use my code TXTRIBE you’ll save 5%.

I recently found the easiest ready to mix cocktail kit that’s PERFECT for glamping. Gypsy Drinks are delicious and easy. Simple, yet boujie. All you do is add liquor, some water/soda and ice, and you have yourself the perfect boozy beverage for glamping. You can order Gypsy Drinks here and use my code TXTRIBE for 5% off.

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