When we first started exploring Texas by way of epic roadtrips, we had tight budgets to work with. But after quickly realizing how easy it was to get a whole lotta bang for your buck in Texas, it became a passion of ours to find affordable adventures that were a little off the beaten path. And that’s what you’re going to find here in this blog. Mixed in WITH a little Texas history and a ton of Texas pride, prepare to be inspired to get out and explore the places that make Texans proud to be Texan.

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Texas Music

Black Pumas

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I don’t really have to tell you that Texas is HOT. On scorching summer days, there’s just about nothing that beats the heat better than taking a dip in a good ol’ swimming hole.

Swimming Holes

The Tribe’s Favorite Swimming Holes

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We’ve been sharing our adventures with you for a few years now, but we haven’t shared much about ourselves. Let’s change that. Here’s a little bit deeper look into who we are and what we have loved most about sharing our adventures with you. We are College Sweethearts We met in 2001 at Texas A&M-Commerce […]

Meet The Tribe

Our Family Faves

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Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World. But it’s also come to be known as the least affordable city in Texas. Thankfully, I found a way to take in some of that live music magic and squeeze in some exploring time for really cheap!

Events In Texas, Texas Music

A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock & Roll

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When you think of the Texas coast what beaches come to mind? Most people know of popular Texas spots like South Padre Island, Galveston and Port Aransas, which I can attest are all wonderful destinations. But there’s so many more great places to visit along the Texas coast and we were ready to check out some new ones that are a little more off the beaten path.

State Parks, Texas Towns

Exploring the Texas Coast

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I’ve driven past Georgetown my whole life, but never really taking the time to explore here. Last weekend we got the chance to check out this vibrant city and we absolutely fell in love! They’ve got a little bit of something for everyone in Georgetown. We found it to be a perfect destination for affordable family fun. If you’re trying to plan one last trip before the fall, let me tell you why you should consider Georgetown.

Swimming Holes, Texas Towns

Family Fun in Georgetown

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Have you ever heard of glamping? Glamping is elevated camping that one might describe as a bit glamorous. You get the adventure of the outdoors, but still have all the luxury and comfort you’re used to. It’s for those who want to do something out of their ordinary while still being comfortable.

Texas Towns

Glamping in the Texas Hill Country

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Our two girls are some of the most swimming hole loving kiddos you’re ever going to meet. If there is water, they want to get in it. Good thing we live in Texas where there is no shortage of amazing swimming holes to explore. One of the most iconic of all the swimming holes in Texas is Jacob’s Well in Wimberle

Swimming Holes, Texas Towns

Weekend in Wimberley

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only been to South Padre Island and Galveston, I thought I had seen all there was to see of the Texas coast.

Texas Towns

Getaway and Play in Port A

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Where were you right before the covid craziness began? For us, we were in Burnet on a spring break camping trip to Inks Lake State Park. We were hiking all the hikes, and roasting all the s’mores, and enjoying all the rugged Hill Country beauty that area has to offer totally unaware how much life would change the next week.

State Parks

Inks Lake State Park

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